Business Etiquette

Outclass the Competition

This customizable seminar delivers the ground rules for Business, Dining and Social Etiquette for professionals. You may be a professional on paper, but what about during social interactions? Are you polished and poised? Poor knowledge and skills in these areas may limit or damage your career! 

Program Highlights Below:

The Art of Introductions
The Professional Handshake
Body Language and Presence
Appropriate Business Dress
How to Remember Names
Conversational Skills
Office & Meeting Protocol
Business Travel
Successful Mingling and Networking
Social Media Etiquette (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
The Importance of a Handwritten Note
Navigating the Place Setting
Napkin Etiquette
Table Conversation
Business Meals Do's and Don'ts
Styles of Eating (American and European)
Handling the Bill & Gratuities

This training can be customized for your company.  For more information please contact us at (317) 426-7585 or email us at