Excellence with Etiquette

Your speech should always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should answer each person. (Colossians 4:6)
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"Not only is she a dynamic speaker and professional woman, she has a desire to help others. I had the pleasure of meeting her through a colleague and I was impressed from the very beginning. She is articulate and knows how to meet individuals at their needs. Ms. Herron presented to several of my business students. During the presentation, she expertly taught them professional etiquette. Her lesson touched upon social media, first impressions, professional attire, professional networking skills and so much more. The students (and faculty) who attended still sing her praises to this day. I thank her for her willingness to help me begin to shift a culture. I highly recommend her offering to anyone with great praise and admiration."

Dr. LaShunda Lewis (Brown Mackie College)

"Ms. Christie Herron is an outstanding professional and person. I have worked with Ms. Herron over the last year planning various events for collegiate student-athletes. Her communication and organization throughout the planning and implementation process was tremendous. Her etiquette program addressed the needs of our student-athletes and so much more! We will definitely continue a partnership with Ms. Herron for future programs."

Tonya Charland (
Great Lakes Valley Conference)

"I have had the pleasure of attending one of Christie Herron's business etiquette coarses. Christie is very knowledgeable and provides useful information appropriate for today's working society. Christie adds the right amount of humor and entertainment to her presentation while still maintaining professionalism. I highly recommend Christie Herron's services and feel any organization or person would greatly benefit from her expertise".

Lacey Mitchell (Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Beazer Homes)

Our 7 year old son had a very positive experience in the Modern Manners for Children course.  We are impressed with how much he absorbed in a 2 hour period.  By his account, it was "FUN!" and he would do it again.  His recap of all he learned was impressive... AND we learned a few things ourselves. Christie was engaging, warm, and clearly knows her subject-matter.  We are grateful for the book she sent home.  We will use it as our guide to continue to reinforce the skills in both our children(AND ourselves)."

Parent (Carmel, IN)


"Christie Herron is the consummate professional! Her warm and genuine personality engages others quickly. Christie was hired as the Trainer/Facilitator for a student Etiquette Dinner at UIndy in March.
The student feedback after her presentation was overwhelmingly positive. "It exceeded my expectations!" "The event was awes
ome and I highly recommend this event as a requirement for the students who work as UIndy student ambassadors." "Overall, this event was one of the best I have been to on campus. It was very educational and was presented in a
way that is easy to remember. The speaker should definitely come back
next year!" I highly recommend Christie Herron to any person or organization looking to hire a professional consultant in business, dining, and social etiquette."

Elizabeth D. (University of Indianapolis)


"I have had the pleasure of working with Christie Herron for corporate etiquette training at Baldwin & Lyons for full-time staff and interns. Christie has been a great partner in our training initiatives. She is extremely knowledgeable about business and dining etiquette best practices. Christie d
oes a phenomenal job of presenting the information in an approachable and engaging manner. She is extremely flexible with your etiquette training needs and can customize her presentation as needed. Etiquette is not seen as a stuffy topic in Christie’s training, but instead is presented as a tool that can help you reach success in life. 

I am so grateful for the peace of mind I had every time we scheduled Christie for training. She is incredibly organized, professional, poised and friendly. I genuinely look forward to opportunities to work with her, and would certainly recommend her for any etiquette training needs." 

Valerie W. (Baldwin & Lyons, Inc.)

Mrs. Herron is a wonderful presenter, and my students were thoroughly engaged in what she was teaching them about etiquette.  Her presentation and the knowledge they gained from it will be remembered for years. 

Karen G., ( Center Grove High School


respected teacher once told me that the great cathedrals of Europe were not built in a day.  And that the ancients knew that the beautiful battlements, eves, and dormers were nothing without strong foundations and columns.  Etiquette is one such elegantly carved column that is needed to build up our lives, families, and world.  Christie Herron is a wonderful testament to how etiquette (Doing onto others) can strengthen and beautify life.  She enthusiastically shows you how to lay the foundations of civility and offers encouragement as you build upon it.  She has been a God send and a blessing to work with.

Alisha C. (Private Consultation) Bedford, IN

Christie has a unique ability to communicate on a deep level with individuals. Her input into our recent program was priceless. We look forward to working again with her soon.

Miriam P. (St. Vincent Health- MICI-AHEC) Hoosier Health Academy


Our twins learned so much at Excellence with Etiquette. We are absolutely thrilled with the class! We also really enjoyed meeting the instructor, she was a real doll! I would highly recommend this class to everyone, adults and children. 

Parent (McCordsville, IN)

The organization that I work for needed to provide an up and coming manager within our organization with personal coaching and mentoring.  I connected with Excellence with Etiquette and immediately was reassured that my request was understood and that my dollars would be stretched for maximum outcome.  A personal development plan was put together for our employee and she and Christie met for 6 weeks during which we began to see immediate results on the job. Christie did an excellent job communicating back feedback through the process and the entire process was well received by our employee.  I would highly recommend this company for any sized organization looking to make an investment in their staff!

Anonymous (Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership)